Three Twinks In Detroit..

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Black Boy Addictionz recently posted it’s first of a few scenes from their trip to Detroit Pride. In this scene Motown native Bandit is joined by Manny Killa and Stylez in a hotter than hot threesome.

I am sort of disappointed that Jay C and Blake Bishop is not in this particular scene but as I mentioned, I am sure there will be a few more scenes to be released before the summer is over. That last scene with Jahan Ace was a bit underwhelming considering the hype but I am sure both Jay C (and Jahan Ace eventually) will have a chance to redeem themselves.

I wish the scene was a three way flip flop session considering that all three of them are equally versatile. WHY NOT GO ALL THE WAY?!!! I won’t be choosey though. Still looks like a good pair up.

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