Jay C Works Jahan Ace’s Hole…

Earlier in the month, both Jay C and Jahan Ace made their debut on BlackBoyAddictionz. Jay C shot a hot flip flop scene with Manny Killa with Jahan Ace taken on the top role in a separate scene.

Well now Jay C and Jahan Ace had to make a bet as to who would give up the booty next and I am sure you can guess who lost that bet.

In BlackBoyAddictionz fashion, this particular scene is not your typical “fuck em down” type of scene. It does feature your mutual foreplay and some sensual fuckin’ on Jay’s part. I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised by this scene. Let’s just say all that ass-play from Jahan paid off but it will probably take a couple of scenes before we see him get more comfortable in front of the camera.

If you have already seen the scene already, post your thoughts below..

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