Owner Of StraightBoyz.net Arrested & Charged!

I am not going to lie. I saw the title of this story and pretty much overlooked it. It wasn’t until it was brought to my attention that the story is a lot more scandalous than I thought.

Although the site StraightBoyz.net has been shut down for some years now, several former “models” have come forward, claiming they were filmed having sex with the owner without their knowledge of being filmed or the fact that he was a man. He was arrested and charged with at least five counts…two counts of illegal interception of oral communication, and three counts record-keeping violations.

The men thought they were going to a South Miami-Dade house for a casual and clandestine tryst with a bored housewife.

Once there, the men agreed to be blindfolded, and for sex acts to be performed on them. What the victims did not know, federal agents say, is that the supposed housewife was a cross-dressing man named Bryan Deneumostier — and he was uploading videos to a porn website and charging users to view them.

Federal agents late Tuesday arrested Deneumostier, 33, of Homestead and charged him with five charges related to the operation of “StraightBoyz,” which promised gay men videos of real straight men being conned into accepting sex acts, all while blindfolded or wearing blacked-out goggles.

Investigators believe Deneumostier ran the site for at least four years. It featured at least 600 videos. Although the website is no longer in operation, many of the videos are still viewable on other adult websites. Agents are still trying to figure out how many of the people depicted on the site may be victims, never knowing their rendezvous were being recorded and uploaded to the web.

According to a law-enforcement document obtained by the Miami Herald, agents believe Deneumostier posed as a “real, heterosexual female” and posted ads on Craigslist seeking flings at her house near the Homestead Reserve Air Base.

“When the men ask for assurances that there are no cameras, he assured them that ‘she’s’ married to someone in the army and she would never photograph or video them,” the document reads. In actuality, however, “Deneumostier is video and audio taping the entire sexual encounter.”


The article goes on to say that he was found in a seedy hotel with an underage teenager. He admitted to drinking, drugging and having sex with the minor.

I am somewhat conflicted with this story. On one hand, there is a possibility that there is some truth to this story. But I find it hard to believe that these models didn’t know they were being filmed and they were not hired.

I have posted stories similar to this one in the past but unfortunately, both producers of DL Chill Spot & Jock Physical were brutally murdered by models who found out they were being filmed without their knowledge. Philly aka Yusaf Mack accused DawgpoundUSA of drugging and filming him without his knowledge.

The industry is dirty. You have all kinds of people of different background trying to make a quick buck no matter what. There are shady producers AND models who will lie, cheat and steal if need be. I won’t name names but there are quite a few producers recording videos and making money off the people in the scenes unbeknownst to them. I tell you one thing, y’all better keep your papers current because the FEDs is coming for ya..

This story is about to be REAL messy in a minute though. What do you think?

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