Rome Major FINALLY Woke Up And Smell The Coffee…

Back in June, Rome Major made it very clear that he was not with the idea of men looking at his ass. He went on to say that he thinks WE want HIM to be gay.

Well, I guess he has been reading this blog because that tune changed REAL quick.

I am not trying to come off as cocky but I am SURE Rome Major probably read that last entry and took heed to what I was trying to say to him. Gay or straight, haters or not, they ALL read the posts about them because I get the “private” emails every day. I am just one person with an opinion.

This is a good move for Rome Major if he wants to remain relevant in this business. YES he is straight and we don’t care about that, BUT that ASS is $$$$!! Why not get paid for it while you can?! You gotta know what is keeping you relevant and stick with it. In Rome’s case, it’s that A$$…

It’s wild how these straight porn stars are out here competing with the sexually fluid and gay performers…..NOT that I am complaining.

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