Dear Luckey: Cornbread Is STILL My Favorite Kind Of Bread..

Dear Luckey,

Whats going on Luckey! Been a fan for years and want you to keep doing your thing. I live for your site. Im writing bc you did a story on one of your old sites regarding one of my porn crushes from the mid-00s by the name of Cornbread.If I recalled in the short story there was a video of him looking horrible and more than likely on some type of drugs. It was sad seeing that bc this boy was fine with the long braided hair to the eyes, to his sexy body and who could forget his ass. Anyway, I was scrolling through IG (kikcornbreadtherea1) and I happen to follow him. He looks great and he looks like he is more family oriented. I was wondering if you follow him too? Do you have any additional info on him besides what I see on his IG.

Thank you so much and once again keep up the great work!


Dear Dorian,

Thank you for your love and support.

Actually, you don’t know this but you made my day today and probably for the rest of the year.

If you have been following me since the beginning, you would know that Cornbread aka Prince Nourdy is one of my personal favorite adult entertainers. He is probably one of the most well known versatile porn star and exotic dancer. He has worked with everyone from DawgpoundUSA (who doesn’t remember his infamous scene with Alejandro?), Taggaz and Entertainment West Studios just to name a few.

As you mentioned, he did kinda disappeared from the porn spotlight and got caught out there on drugs. As a matter of fact, his transformation was so traumatic for me, It bothered me for weeks. Til this day, I can’t even look at those pics that were floating around. Cornbread was a THICKems but when he was on drugs, he was VERY emaciated and gaunt. The porn/escort life and heavy drug use almost go hand in hand. Pair that with low self-esteem and extreme pressure to stay relevant, it can’t be detrimental. I don’t know Prince’s personal story but I must say I was very worried for him for YEARS.

Fast forward to today, you actually help me find him again and based off the pics I saw on his IG and Facebook, he looks MUCH better and seems to be in a better place in his life.

He seems to be back at his normal weight again and looks better than ever. According to his social media accounts, he back in the New York area where he is originally from and seem to be very close to his family and close friends. I am guessing that he has distanced himself from the porn world which may be a good move for him considering what he has been through. As I write this, my heart is smiling because I prayed that he would beat those demons and get the hell out of ATL (that’s whole ‘nother topic for another day). Maybe one day I will convince him to do an interview with me and we can discuss what he has been up to.

Thank you for the scoop btw. Don’t be a stranger.


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