Jahan Ace aka Jahan X Has Arrived…

So the much-anticipated scene featuring Manny Killa and Jahan Ace (aka Jahan X) dropped last night.

Much like the scene with Jay C, Jahan Ace had me hooked from the first second.

He was very candid about how he got his start in the porn business and why he transitioned into gay porn. We ALL knew he was a freak but I don’t think I have heard his story until now. According to Jahan, he started out being a professional basketball player overseas before he was injured and couldn’t play anymore. He dabbed in making sex tapes with girls and soon after started shooting porn professionally. He said he is into all types of women but prefers Asian women. He acknowledged the fact that most of his loyal fans are gay men and transwomen and that he decided to transition into gay porn for that very reason. Maybe I am different in the way that I think about labels, but I appreciate the fact that he is very open about sexuality and he doesn’t really put a label on who he is and what he gets into. In porn, I think most performers should be like that.

I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the scene but let’s just say Jahan Ace did not come to play. I don’t know what it is about Manny Killa but he seems to bring the freak out of his scene partners. The chemistry between these two was much like his chemistry with Jay C. I am sure Manny Killa was up for the challenge but I don’t think he was ready for Jahan Ace. That boy blew his back out and almost made him tap out. All in all, Jahan fans will be very pleased with this scene.

As Black Boy Addictionz hinted in the initial trailer, Jahan is supposed to be featured in a scene with Jay C later on. He didn’t drop a teaser at the end of this particular scene but we know Jahan is going probably bottom so I am going to wait until I see that scene before I make my final judgment on him. So far he got my attention. I think people better watch out for him.


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