Ask Luckey: Hoody La’vaye Puts Black Rayne On Blast For Not Paying Him..

It’s funny that somebody sent me a letter asking me about models not being paid by producers…

Dear Luckey,

I have followed your blog a long time (@dainnoc1 on twitter) — quick question — I see an alarming of black-owned porn companies not paying brothers for a service or a performance — Again why is it that our companies as far as management goes have an issue with paying and supporting each other? The unknowing teaming of poz and neg models without their knowledge and I’m surprised more models dont ask for half upfront prior to doing a scene?



And this happened…

As y’all know, Hoody and I go WAAAY back so I had to reach out to him about the matter and get his permission before posting all of this.

Y’all know I spoke about these issues on my blog back in the day. Unfortunately, this shxt is still going on in the adult industry. I don’t think it’s a black thing or gay thing. It’s really just shady people not paying their models and putting them in dangerous situations. Some people in this industry are SHADY. It’s what it is…

This is why models have to watch who they do business with and take care of themselves. I BEEN told y’all they don’t test their models properly and they have them sign paperwork to protect them in case something happens with the models. Considering that almost none of today’s studios practice safe sex (excluding PrEP), models should assume every model they work with to be positive and take the proper percautions. Get at least half of your money upfront if you are a veteran in the business. Don’t be afraid to speak up either.

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