Our Favorite Supa’ Hero Been Peepin’ The Blog Comments…

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Sidenote- if you guys are following me on Tumblr and submit anything please forward it to my email because if you submit it on Tumblr, I probably won’t get the notification and it may take weeks before I check the messages. My email is luckeyfstarr@yahoo.com or theluckeystar@yahoo.com

So Mr. Kaufmann has been lurking on the blog and check out the comments about him. We love him over here so it shocked the shxt out of me when I read the following from him. It’s always nice to know that I am doing some justice for my freaks and free spirits out there in the world. I know I can be a tad bit shady at times (blame my sun sign in the 5th house Gemini) but I really feel good when I am to support and it is appreciated. I love me some Kash and I am sure it won’t be the first time we post anything about him. He actually inspired me to get into cosplay.

Wouldn’t it be nice to interview him one day? I refuse to interview anyone I am not really interesting in because I like my interviews to be authentic and genuine. He is definitely one of the few people I want to get to know and pick his brain.


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