It Would Have Been Better With The Chocolate Trio…

I rarely give my input on producers choices of models and how they produce their movies. At the end of the day, they are catering to paying customers and I haven’t put a dime into Breed It Raw’s stuff in a long while.

But I had to say something about this upcoming scene with Krave Melanin, FAME, Knight and Armond Rizzo.

First off, this is not an attack on Armond Rizzo. The boy has definitely made a name for himself and I can’t take his success in this business away from him. Hell we are both from the same towns in IL so I can’t hate on him if I wanted to.

With that been said, I felt like the scene would have been EPIC with just Krave Melanin, Knight and FAME…

Knight has been hinting towards trying something new which basically insinuates that he may be ready to be more versatile on film. Videos of Krave Melanin bottoming has been floating all over the internet and we KNOW he is about that life. And I am willing to bet that FAME is taking Knockout’s dick from time to time (and there is nothing wrong with that considering that they are a couple). Maybe money played an issue but I would have definitely took a note from BBA and invested a lil more coins into this production and got the boys to flip on film. I swear that alone would have broken the internet.

Maybe it’s just me but I felt so cheated watching the following trailer. Playing with my hormones like that.

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