Ask Luckey: Rapper XXXtentacion’s Passing

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Hi Luckey,

How do all the posters feel about XXX Tenations passing. I never knew of him..never heard his music…but he seemed like a good person at heart…Those that heard his music and feelings..Can you talk of what he meant to you and the positive message that he was trying to focus on.


Dear Terry,

Thank you for your submission. I am not going to pretend like I knew who XXXtentacion was as an artist because I didn’t listen to his music. Intitially my first impression of him was that he was peculiar. I heard about the negative press but I also catch a few of his videos on Instagram in which he talked about love and growth. I understand the pressure of being a young black man and having to live out your mistakes in front of the public eye. I appreciate the fact that he was trying to be a better version of himself.

He was killed on my birthday so I was deeply moved. I personally witnessed how it affected the youth. We were at Six Flags here in Georgia and I remember all these teenagers crying and carrying on. I remember how I felt when some of my favorite celebs passed and I was devastated each time. XXX’s music meant a lot to the kids that were like him and it really sucks that we lost another black man to gun violence. Whoever X was and whatever mistakes he made on earth, he was still human. Famous or not, we are losing our brothas.

I was pissed when I saw the video of him in the car. People would rather grab their phones and press record than to put that shit down and try to save a life. People have become so desensitized that it’s scary.

I do hope XXX’s life can be an example to someone else. We can’t let them die in vain.

My condolences goes out to his family, fans and love ones.


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