Apparently Rome Major Hasn’t Received His Memo…

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Rome Major blocked my gay ass a long time ago because he didn’t appreciate me posting his ass on the blog. All these years later, he still hasn’t gotten the memo…

We not even going to go there with Mookie. All I am going to say about him is that I want that secret fan page I keep hearing about.

Back to Rome Major.
Let’s be honest for a second. As we all know Rome Major starred in those disgusting scenes of him making women gagged and vomit on his dick while he degrades them on camera. What made him a household name was his phat tatted ass.He would sit on them and make the girls lick his bootyhole (which looked a bit stank at the time…just being honest). I remember he wasn’t exactly likable at the time. That ass saved him.

It’s strange that his peers (Ricky Johnson, Nat TurnHer, and even Mookie) ALL have realized and recognized that they are getting more attention (and money) from their gay fans. Yes Rome Major can fuck like the best of them but he is more known for that ass. It doesn’t hurt to embrace that and get his coins. He doesn’t need to protest about it, just go with it. It’s ALL entertainment at the end of the day. Some of us don’t mind the fact that you are straight.

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