These Gay 4 Pay Niggas On Tumblr….

I miss the good ol days when g4p niggas were seen and not heard. I swear they been gettin’ on my fuckin nerves lately.

Take the Wells Bros for instance…

Keep in mind, this is the “gay” brother who was all tooted and booted for the dick dollar but today he is “straight”..

Meanwhile, his brother Khalid had the nerve to get pissy with me because I got into his ass after three days of ignoring my request for content that I purchased from him. He said I had an “attitude” and that his grandma had just passed hence why he wasn’t responding. This was after I had been purchasing content from him with no issues and this is was also after people were saying that he along with his “born again” straight brother were out here stunting with people’s money. The ONLY reason why I was buying anything from him was that I wanted to have content for my blog and to help clear his name. I got my money back and I am not even mad at him but I would advise anyone NOT to do any type of business with him or any of these fools to be brutally honest.


Meanwhile, you got Deven out here coming for the gays and bloggers for posting his videos and pictures with Vinny but yet he has yet to check Vinny for posting that shit out there in the first place.  It seems that they’re mad at the wrong people. Vinny clearly doesn’t respect Deven as a friend or a lover. But hey money will have you out here looking like a fool. Play your position and get your money black man. You won’t be young and dumb forever.

Don’t even get me started on SlimPoke , Mookie and their alleged secret OnlyFans acct they think the world don’t know about.

I thought Mr. Johnson and his friend Bo Sinn was a bunch of confused hot pack of messes but damn, we seem to have a whole new generation of fuckboys who will slut out for a dollar at any cost. We need to stop giving them our energy and dollar.

It’s all entertainment for me. Shit is fuckin’ hilarious…

Listen if you want the world to see you as straight, then stop being a messy gay hoe. Out here giving respectable bisexuals out here bad reps. Stop playing yourself…

You can’t eat off OUR table and then just leave us with dirty dishes. Get yo ass in the kitchen and wash dishes bitch. In other words, don’t bite the hands that feeds you. With “thirsty” gays and the desperate “females” you depend on, you fuckboys wouldn’t be shit.

It keeps my ass in business though so keep that mess up. You will be back when that rent is due.

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