Ask Luckey: Niko Love Younger BAE.

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Hey Luckey,

I hope GOD is raining down blessings on you and hope u doing well. I got some Tea for u that nobody really picked up if its some truth to it. I follow Niko Love the sexy ass stripper from Florida he was dating this cute ass dude so I was watching his youtube videos and he was explaining how they got together well he slipped up and said “I called him but he didn’t pick up I found out that he got his phone taken away bc of his grades in school” Now Idk how old this boy was but if u fucking with anybody that get their phone taken away bc of grades I’m side eyeing tf outta u bc that’s gross and disgusting. Now im trying not to judge bc Ive dated older dudes in my time but once I learned better I did better Luckey my question is how young is too young and should it be frowned upon?

Your Friend in my head


Dear Key,

Thank you for your submission. Yes the good Lawd upstairs has been blessing me and I hope that he is blessing you and yours as well. I think I recall watching that video that you speak of but this video was deleted for some unknown reason. What I gathered was he may be dating someone who is still in college and lived at home. Maybe his parents pay for his tuition (and everything else) so he probably got into trouble and they took all of that away. I would hope that Niko grown ass is not out here dating boys still in high school. That wouldn’t be a good look for him at all but the way the world is these days…..I like Niko Love and I love how candid he is so maybe he will clear this up in a future video.


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