BBA Explains Why They Haven’t Been Consistent With Scenes And Why It Might Be A Good Thing..

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Now y’all know I have my issues with BBA in the past but I must admit unlike other producers in this business, Michael has always been transparent with his members. He let them in on what really goes on behind the scenes even within the actual scene itself.



I have worked on porn sets myself and let me tell you it takes weeks, sometimes months to put one scene together. The 15-45 min scene you watch is edited from hours of shooting. You dealing with all types of situations and attitudes.

Issues arise such as Models canceling for various reasons and sometimes real life drama goes on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. Another thing I like about his site, in particular, is that for the most part, he tries to work with models that aren’t as well known or popular. In the last few years, he has started working with models from Tumblr/IG but for the most part, they are exclusive.

In my humble opinion, membership sites are dead end. I think he should stick to tokens so that people don’t have to wait for the next scene to drop and he doesn’t have to stress as much trying to make up for lost time.

Anyway, he didn’t ask for my opinion but he did address the issues on his blog..


Almost ten years into this crazy adventure called BBA, I think it’s safe to say that keeping to a consistent update schedule isn’t exactly one of my strengths, LOL. And quite honestly, unless BBA sells out and turns into some corporate mega porn site one of these days, I think this will probably always be the case.

That’s not to say I won’t continue striving to grow and improve in this area. I know it’s a source of great frustration for many of you. But I think it’s also worth pointing out the “Catch 22” at play here: the very same “inconsistency” many of you complain about also tends to go hand in hand with the kind of unique, lengthy content you clearly crave and are impatient to see.

It’s clear from some of the recent complaints that many of you still seem to have a VERY naive and unrealistic misconception that BBA’s scenes are somehow cheap, fast, and easy to make, and/or that I’m just sadistically sitting on a pile of completed scenes for the hell of it, when nothing could be further from the truth!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BBA’s scenes aren’t the kind of product that can be churned out by some factory assembly line week after week. At least not the kind of content I’m interested in making!

If you want forgettable 15-minute scenes featuring the same over-exposed “porn stars” over and over, then there are plenty of other sites that can offer you that like clockwork at the same exact time every week. And usually charge you MORE for it in the process. I could EASILY update BBA at the same exact time week after week if I was settling for that same sloppy standard.


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