Ask Luckey: Kaleb & Kordale..

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Hi Luckey,

Its been a long time I know you talk to hundreds of people a day so I know you don’t remember me. I read your blog all day everyday I send you all the positive vibes in the world. I am writing you today to see if you heard that the handsome ass couple Kordale and Kaleb has broken up again. I’m not sure why but Kordale said in his comment section on facebook that he was single. Kaleb has also made this claim on Instagram. I understand that couples do breaks from time to time but this seems more permanent I loved seeing them together they were so great together their children are so beautiful and they were super sexy as well. I was just wondering do you have the tea on this??? What caused the split???

Always be blessed


Dear Key,

hey bro I might not remember your name or face but if you say you’re family then you family now let ‘s eat!!

I am aware of Kaleb & Kordale and I know they were going through some shit and got back together in the past. I am saddened to hear they might be going through that again. I haven’t been following them and considering their kids, I don’t want to go digging in their business. I just hope whatever is going on, they are doing what is best for the children because they are completely innocent. I have heard stuff about them but I can’t repeat it on the blog. Let’s just say social media is nothing but an illusion…meanwhile, real life is happening. My thoughts and prayers are with the kids. They been through enough..

Just my thoughts on the matter…Just pray for them man.


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