Seth Holbrook Responds To Disgruntled Fan..

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A couple of days ago, a disgruntled fan wrote in about Seth Holbook and his fan page.

Well Seth Holbrook responded in an open letter..

Dear Disgruntled Fan,

I’m sorry you have not been satisfied with my content! I can assure you and everybody else that there is no fraud or deception on my OF page. Only Fans is where I post all my content that is not suitable for Instagram or my other social media platforms. I created my page 16 days ago and have uploaded a total of 11 times. 7 pictures and 4 Videos. 3 of the pictures I have previously uploaded to Instagram but are no longer available due to being reported and removed after only a few hours of being uploaded. The vast majority of my followers never got to see these photos and I’m proud to share them on my page. In addition I have posted and plan on continue posting high quality artistic and implied nudes from various exclusive shoots as well as risque bathroom selfies and video clips with extra good lighting! I will promote some of these as well as other new posts on my social media by sharing censored versions with links to my profile. I appreciate you and everyone else’s support, stay tuned for awesome new content!


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