Dear Luckey: A Disgruntled Seth Holbrook Fan Writes In…

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Hey Luckey,

I was wondering if you could do a post on fraud onlyfans pages. I signed up for @sethbreezy ‘s account/ He baits guys on Instagram saying he’s showing “exclusive content” and when you purchase it barely uploads, and when he does their are PG rated pics and 5 second videos. And when you respond to the content he threatens to block you on the site. Please help me get the word out that this guy is a fraud. Which is crazy because a few years ago before he started bodybuilding he was thotting online doing live webcam shows.




Dear IBJ,

I am so sorry you had a bad experience with Seth Holbrook’s Onlyfans. I don’t particularly care for that site for this very reason because you don’t know what you are paying for. It doesn’t provide previews or anything like that. OnlyFans has been slowly distancing itself from adult content anyway so it will only be a matter of time before models will have to migrate somewhere else eventually.

I would only call it fraud if he is posting pictures that can be found on Instagram or Tumblr already. Exclusive content means content you can’t find anywhere else. I wouldn’t spend ten dollars for some stale pics and if he is not updating often (he only has 11 post). Ten bucks a month may not be a lot for some but it can be for others and if you are going to be spending your money, it should be worth it.

Usually, I would spend between 5 and 15 bucks on an OnlyFans subscription and browse around at the content. If they don’t have more than 20 posts and it seems like they are not updating often I won’t spend my money. Stuff like this discourages people from spending their money and gives others the excuse why they won’t support any other site. I am sure eventually it will hurt his business but than again some people would pay for anything so maybe he ain’t hurtin’. The  adult industry is in the shits right now and even these “fitness gurus & bodybuilders” are hurtin as well hence why some of them are determined to pull stunts and take advantage.


Just cancel your subscription and move on. Hell, send me that ten bucks and you can get a lifetime subscription over here. I am just saying..


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