Dear Luckey: He Flashed His Dick & Grab Mines Too..



Hey Luckey,

I noticed the blog has been on good behavior for a while and wanted to add a little Ratchet to the mix. I wanted to get your take on this video of the two guys fighting and one of them decides to grab and squeeze the guy dick. Oh, he also decided to bite him as well. One of the vixens in the video decided to call him gay. It is hard for me to type this and send this in, because I am dying of laughter at the moment from this video. “Who’s man is This” Since I can not paste the link, it is located on Myvidster titled Whose man is this? Buddy was squeezing his D*ck in a fight! It is also on Worldstarhiphop.



Dear Ratchetbaby,

Since when was I ever a bad boy?

Am I always my best behavior?


Lawd I am slipping…

But seriously, the bigger issue is the violence in our community. I grew up with all boys so I understand that sometimes you just got to box it out but the violence is gettin out of control and I just don’t condone it. You have to ask yourself sometimes is it really that damn serious?  I loathe videos like that especially with black men in them. That’s not my lane.

Now I can understand why homeboi grabbed his balls. I mean that is the weakest spot on our bodies so when all else goes to hell…

But that’s a bitch made move though. Straight men are so weird to me. They walking around here sagging their pants to the point where their whole ass is exposed. They grabbing balls during fights and flashing their own dicks to intimidate their opponent. I swear…


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