What Ever Happen To Krave Moore?

Since we are on the subject of retired porn stars and acting, I thought you would like to know what Krave Moore has been up to since he retired from porn some time ago. As you know he was one of the hottest versatile stars to work in the adult industry. He has worked with some of the best including XL, Jin Power, Wrath & Bam Bam, whom he dated at one time. Since he retired from the industry, he took two years off to concentrate on acting and even moved to NY full time to study.

He’s been in recent productions such as Winter Wonderland and Harlem Playwrights 21 festival as actor and producer as well as a number of others.

Aside from that he gain 20 lbs of muscle and began competing in weightlifting competitions.

It seems that life is good for him after porn. So great to see that he is doing well and prospering.

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