Ask Luckey: Rio

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Dear Luckey,
I hope that you are doing well! I noticed that Rio has a new scene with Artist for Next Door Ebony! I’ve always found Rio to be a really sexy and sensuous top! I’ve also seen some interviews he’s given and he seems like a really nice, personable guy! I was wondering if Rio had any active Social Media accounts; I’ve searched for him on Instagram and Twitter but I couldn’t find anything! Rio is definitely a star and I would like to know about his upcoming projects.

Thanks for any help you can give me;
Have a great week, TJ

Dear TJ,

It’s ironic that you brought his name up because I was just watching his new scene with The Artist on Next Door Ebony. Did you notice how they both were sweating so bad, the sheets on that bed was drenched. I wasn’t sure if Artist had peed on himself or what. It looked hot but I can imagine being under somebody and they sweating like that. I would probably drown…LOL.

But anyway back to Rio..

Rio is definitely one of the hottest versatile models in the business and it’s a shame he doesn’t get a lot of props. He is very personable but he seems very private. I don’t recall him ever having any social media pages and if he did it’s definitely have not been on my radar. He is a bit ol school with it. You see him when you see him which seems to work for him because we don’t get bored of him easily.


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