Dear Luckey: Assholes & Opinions

Hi Luckey,

Hope you’re doing well. I should have posted this a long time ago. A few months ago, I logged onto MyVidster, and someone actually said they were glad that Taggaz folded. Apparently, he’s not into versatility because he felt verse bruthas were actually bottoms at heart. I asked our friend, Cam, now I want your opinion…how do you feel about such a comment? Thanks in advance!



Dear SeventysBaby,

Thank you for your submission.

I don’t understand how one can say that a person who is obviously versatile….a person who likes to top AND bottom is merely a bottom. I don’t understand that. Everybody is different. Some people top, some people prefer to bottom. Some people like both. Just like sexuality, Some people identify as gay, some people identify as straight. Some like both men and women.

People have their opinions and even though we may not always agree or understand, people should be entitled to their opinions. My issue is when people try to force their opinion on others and present them as facts. I have people on this very site, who go out of their way to be disrespectful towards models simply because that particular model isn’t their cup of tea or they are not versatile enough or whatever. I could post the same model and here they come with their venom ready to strike. Of course, I believe they are just undercover fans (or trolls). It’s really just a reflection of them and how ignorant they can be over shit that really doesn’t matter in the end. People should just mind their own damn business. I hate that Taggaz folded. What sucks is we never got a real explanation as to WHY they folded. I guess we will never really know.


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