Ask Luckey: Orion & PapiSongo Of Machofucker

Dear Luckey,

I was looking through old Machofucker videos (Looking for a scene with Osian) and found a couple featuring Papisongo. Both Osian and Papisongo were hot as hell. Papisongo’s Twitter page mentions something about him being blacklisted but nothing more. I vaguely remember there was drama with him, but not the specifics and I can’t find anything about it using “The Google”. Do you have any idea what Osian and Papisongo are up to nowadays and what the whole blacklist thing was about with Papisongo?



Dear PDQ,

Orion is probably the most asked about model from that site. The last I heard of him he obviously retired from porn and is now in the culinary arts. Machofucker has been in several problematic situations over the years and the owners parted ways. I never heard anything about Papi Songo so I can’t comment on that.


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