Ask Luckey: KingDrewski aka DrewsSkeet

Dear Luckey,

So lately I’ve been really into the sexy man on Tumblr named drewsskeet also known as drewskidagod on Instagram. He’s too sexy and he has a few videos out, but I’m having the hardest time finding out if he has a fan account or cam account. I also want people to know how fine this man is. Could you help me Luckey?


Dear Cameron,

Drew is definitely sexy in a boy down the street kind of way. I am curious how you are having a hard time finding out his deets if you follow him on Instagram and Tumblr. Like the old sayin’ goes “Ain’t no source like the horse himself so go ask him”. Why not ask Drew if he does cam shows or has a fan page? I am sure he will respond. Let me know what he says too..


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