Real Life Cousins Gettin’ It On..

Real life cousins Terrance & Tremaine are Back courtesy of Island Studs..
Hung real life cousins and roommates Terrance & Tremaine are back, telling sexy stories of living together and shaggy women in the same room, stripping naked in the dense Oregon Forest on a cloudy spring day, posing and hugging fully naked with their big friendly smiles, walking fully nude through the forest and open fields for the very first time in their home State, before returning to the mountain cabin to, play together, pump iron fully aroused, jerk side by side outdoors, compare cock sizes and man bushes, showing off their super swollen hung big black dicks, before busting big loads all other their smooth ripped bodies and then take a super sexy shower talking and joking as they soap up their beautiful dark skin in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. These two big buff beautiful black Jerkin’ Cousins are solid sportsmen who excel in all athletics at college! Basketball is their preferred sport! Check out their perfect black bodies as they drop their pants and moon the camera in the lush green Oregon forest revealing their black muscle bubble butts! They are now totally comfortable being photographed naked and erect together after their First Naked Football Duo shoot for Island Studs last year, also online for members now! But this new jerk off video is way hotter than the last duo shoot! Watch as they playfully stripped off their winter coats and sexy blue jeans and hug each other standing fully naked outdoors in the woods. Listen to the real family stories they share with us as they stand naked in the tall grass! Terrance is the older darker skinned cousin, a ripped 23 year old, 170lbs, standing 5’10” with a perfect 8 pack of ads, a thick muscle butt and fat black cock. His younger Taller cousin, Tremaine is 22 years old and a towering 6’2″ of solid 185lbs muscle with the long dong that curves up to his belly button. Isla
Mountain Cabin where they become very uninhibited and start stroking their cocks together. “We fuck girls in the same room” Terrance says, ” so this is no problem”! These sexy boys turn to the camera with full erections and grab a set of gym weights and start pumping iron together. What an amazing site: To rock hard Afro American College Jock working out together naked with boners! Wow! A winning Boner Work Out Session! But the best part of this video is watching these two naked cousins stroke their cocks together outside on the deck beside the Oregon forest, comparing their dicks and talking about the pleasure their massive cocks give their partners, as they playful jerk off together!  Watching them enjoy their cocks and each other and their sweaty ripped bodies is a rare treat! Our cameras roam around their sexy bodies as they manhandle their swollen beautiful black cocks and huge ball sacks!   ASS LOVERS should not miss these two athletic butt boys! Horny tall Tremaine is the first to bust a nut, blowing a huge creamy load and smiles at the camera. Watch how he continues to stroke his hard cock with all his fresh jizz as lubrication while his cousin, Terrance, sweats jerking by his side. Hung Terrance blows a big nut all over his thick dark dick, man bush and ball hair! After their length JO session the cousins take a steamy shower. Listen as Terrance & Tremaine talk totally unscripted as they soap up their fine chocolate skin and clean out their sweaty booties with their heavy nuts dangling between their muscle butts. This is REAL JOCK DIALOGUE that is spoken naturally. Watch as Tremaine grabs is swollen cock and take a LONG PEE in the shower while talking to us! Join NOW to see ALL the hot naked duo jerk off action unedited! You won’t see two real nudist cousins walking and jerking like this anywhere else except Island Studs! Hung Cousins Terrance & Tremaine are Back for this their second Duo together for Island Studs jerking and playing together!

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