Ask Luckey: TeamDreads

Dear Luckey,

What are your thoughts about Teamdreads (if you heard of him)? To me, he seems arrogant and comes off like he’s better than everyone. What are your thoughts???



Dear Curious,

Yes, we have featured this big booty beautiful dark sweet chocolate man before on the blog. I believe he has been in a few scenes courtesy of DeepSmashedATL, Raw Freaks and KeptSecret’s site respectfully. I can clearly see why you may think he may come off as a lil arrogant. I mean he has a HUGE tattoo on his ass that says “Blessed”. He got a big ol dick and a phat ass to match. He kinda reminds me of Chino Blac who is sexy in his own right. I have spoken to him briefly on social media and he never came off as nasty or conceited to me.I have met so many of models in this business who are extremely arrogant and conceited but behind closed doors they are the most insecure. It’s quite interesting…
I guess that is part of his shtick. Hopefully, he is not a total “ass” (pun intended) in real life. Arrogant or not, he should be around for quite a while. I wish we had more big booty versatile like him in the industry.


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