DeAngelo Jackson Is Tired Of Y’alls Pesky “Bottom” Questions..

and if you ask about him bottoming or who will fuck him he will ignore you…

From the desk of DeAngelo Jackson…

Now it was said by several people that DeAngelo Jackson doesn’t particularly care for his own kind although I have never personally seen or heard he say this but considering that he started out (and still signed) to Flavaworks, I would understand why his fans are turning on him. A couple of years ago, he announced via Flavaworks that he would be featured in his first bottom scene and was traveling to Brazil. That bottom scene hasn’t seen the light of day yet. A few months later videos of him fucking himself with a dildo surfaced and created a buzz. Fast forward to a couple of months ago , it was said that Flavaworks was going to shoot DeAngelo’s bottom scene in the Spring and they wanted us to help decided who the top would be. He even hinted that he wanted to work with a white model for his first bottom scene.

I am saying all this to say this, DEANGELO along with Flavaworks created this big buzz about him getting fucked and now he is annoyed that people are actually asking him. I think it’s all BULLSHXT.

If you don’t want the scene to happen or not ready, just say that shxt and keep it moving. We ALL know that this industry is extremely fickle and these fans will turn on you in a quick minute. You don’t want to piss them off especially now. It might be too late at this point.

I can’t wait til he finally get fucked on film so that everybody can shut the hell up about it but I am not sure it will ever happen or if people will care.

1 thought on “DeAngelo Jackson Is Tired Of Y’alls Pesky “Bottom” Questions..

  1. First of all this man is a very fine in the face and body ive watched enough to know that black men aren’t his favor bc he doesn’t date them in real life so he has to get paid to fuck them on camera I don’t understand how he hates himself but that’s for his momma and dad to deal with his self-hatred. 2nd trust nobody cares at this point if he gets fucked or not he might as well do it seeing as he’s been playing in his hole for decades now 3rd all his topping scenes have been complete shit he cant fuck don’t get me started on that baby dick he just needs to leave the gay scene all together bc hes exactly whats wrong with black gay community

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