This MIGHT Be The BEST Dawgpound Scene So Far…

Last month, XL and Max Konnor hinted towards a new scene. I predicted it would be Breed It Raw but surprisingly the scene is courtesy of Dawgpoundusa!!

Some y’all get on me because I rarely post anything about DawgpoundUSA updates and honestly I just wasn’t paying much attention. I have been keeping my eye on the newer talents but anyway let’s get back to XL and Max Konnor.

Now we can all agree that XL can make any scene hot. He just got that rare essence about him. Might be all that Libra energy he is carrying.. He is looking grown af in lately…

I know y’all get on Max Konnor too. Just to be clear, I actually like Max Konnor. Roids or not he is hot and I am sure we haven’t seen the best of him yet. This scene with XL might change y’all mind about him too..

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