Ask Luckey: I Am Bumpin’ Uglies With The Popular Kid On Campus

Hi Luckey,
This may sound like something out of a college tv series, but it’s actually happening to me. I’m a sophomore at an HBCU. I recently got a new roommate who happens to play football for the school. He’s tall, has a stunning smile and equally amazing body. As you could guess, every girl wants a piece of him (and even some of the He just got out of a relationship and has moved in with me, and this is where things get kinda juicy. A few Fridays ago, everyone on campus was out at several parties and such. I expected he would be gone too. I was planning to just chill in my room, only to find him on the couch with nothing on but my basketball shorts and flip flops watching, of course, Netflix. He told me to join him so I did. Next thing you know, I catch a vibe as we kept making eye contact. Then out of nowhere, we started kissing (Hard and Heavy like a I had to stop myself before it went any further. Ever since then, he makes it very obvious about his intentions. From his freaky smile, random eye contact, body language, and an occasional pop on the butt in public. At any given time he tries to make me laugh.smh smh. I was always under the impression that he only liked girls, but this is totally different now. I get the sense of butterflies like I’m dreaming, and a little awkward feeling because it so sudden. How should I approach this?



Dear Kenny,

The college days was the best for me. This is around the time I learn how to smoke a black mild and suck my first GROWN dick. Let’s just say I spent more time in the clubs and less time in class…LOL!


LMAO…but seriously. I think you should just have fun with this one. As always be safe and protect your shxt but don’t let this romp go any further than what it is. You guys are young horny adults in college and believe it or not, you are still learning a lot about who you are as a young man. You are there to get your education FIRST. I am sure he is just experimenting and having fun. You don’t want to be his biology project. If you feel like you are going to catch feelings over him then you need to leave him alone.

Good Luck


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