Ask Luckey: Drake Magnum

Dear Luckey,

Any info on Drake Magnum? I know about his debut scene with Liam Cyber and his stints on YoungPerps. What do you think about him and how would this handsome dark chocolate big dick fair among the urban sites?



Dear Shadykid,

I remember that scene of Drake Magnum and Liam Cyber. To be honest I thought that was the most awkward scene because Drake Magnum is so much taller than Liam Cyber and let me tell you from experience, it’s is quite difficult trying to mount a taller dude but Liam did his thing. I think Drake Magnum would do just fine working with urban studios but to be honest it seems like mainstream is taking notice with men of color this season so he could get work all over. I wasn’t able to get much info on him but I am sure somebody might spill some tea in the basement.


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