Have You Ever Wanted To Fuck Your Own Father RAW?!

Synopsis From Big Meach Channel

Hey Tea Sippers!! This episode will be an eye opener for you and it is not for the faint at heart or those who are embarrassed to talk about SEX!!!

Have you ever heard of a son wishing, wanting, yearning, and pleading to have sex with HIS FATHER??? Has anyone ever explained to you that for their development years of their life, they were in a WILLING SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with their BROTHER AND FATHER??? What if they told you they’ve contracted HIV from their FATHER?? What if the person told you he has RAW SEX cuz that’s what he likes and does not always tell his partners he is HIV POZ? How do you feel when HIV Poz people say they’ve disclosed their info and yet their sex partners INSIST on having RAW, UNPROTECTED SEX???

Well, if you are wondering about those questions, then you MUST read this book, “RAW” by Mr. Christopher Beckwith….it is a TRUE STORY that discusses all of those issues in an effort to bring about the REAL of SEXUAL HEALTH and AWARENESS that RAW SEX is going NO WHERE and we MUST INCLUDE that possibility in the education of HIV/AIDS and ALL Sexuall Transmitted Infections.

Christopher Beckwith will be on hand to take us along the journey of how this book came to him and the importance of the purpose for writing this book and bringing its message and what is debatebly SHAMEFUL TRUTH of INCEST between fathers and sons, HIV INFECTION and RAW SEX in the AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY!

Oh, YES, the pot is HOT and bubbling over on this one, make sure you’ve got enough crumpets!!

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