What You Say About Other People Says A Lot About YOU!!


I feel like I have talked about this shxt before but what the hell.

I was up last night watching one of Jenifer Lewis interview on Youtube. She said something that was so profound to me. She said, “If you want to know who YOU are, read your comments”.

I thought about the times I used to go IN on the adult industry. I would just rant and say whatever about whoever. I had a close friend who used would tell me that I needed to watch what I say and how I say it. He said you can still speak your mind and get your point across without being vicious or nasty. You have to learn how to be tactful.  Some of these same people, you may have to work with or run into in these mean streets. You don’t know these people and you shouldn’t judge them. It’s just porn at the end of the day. If you don’t like something, stop giving it energy. Over the years, I have since calmed down. I am still going to speak my mind and give my opinion but I try to keep that advice in mind. From 2014-2017, those years were probably the most challenging and I strongly believe some of that shxt was karma.

Life has a not so funny way of humblin’ that ass.

As y’all know by now, I do read the comments and I must say some of y’all really got some issues going on within yourself. How someone can say such evil and vicious shxt about somebody they don’t know or never met is kinda sad to me. I really feel for the person that is saying all that shxt because there is something going with them and they are projecting it onto someone else.

At the end of the day, this shxt is just porn…..adult entertainment. Everybody is not going to be for YOU or here to please YOU. They are paid to do a specific job and cater to their fans. The rest is XXXtra…


There are a lot of models that I don’t particularly care for. If I don’t have nice things to say about them  I don’t mention them on purpose.


I am STILL trying to figure out why y’all hate on Max Konnor SO hard for no damn reason.

We don’t own these people or their bodies. What that man choose to do with his body is his business. If people are paying to see “Max Konnor” than let the man live. Do I think he should be more versatile in his scenes, ABSOLUTELY, but I am not going to bash the man for what he chooses to do. All of the hate because the man won’t bottom..who is to say that it will never happen?!


There are hundreds of other models out here. IT AINT THAT DAMN SERIOUS.

I get it though, some of y’all feel comfortable because y’all behind a computer screen under an alias and you don’t have to worry about catching up with these people but I challenge US (me included) to try to do better.

We are all entitled to our own opinions but damn sometimes you need to sit back and read the shxt you put on the internet because people are looking at YOU.

There is a BIG different in being honest/keeping it real and just being a bitter ol troll.

Every thought shouldn’t escape your mind. There is no reason why one should be so damn mad over shxt that don’t matter.

Besides we got bigger issues to be upset about.


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