Ask Luckey: Kris XXL aka Kriz Stylz

Hi Luckey,

Whatever happened to Kris XXL aka Kriz Stylz.




Dear DJ,

I really don’t know what happens to Kris XXL. The last I heard of him, he transition to be a trans woman but that is alleged due to the fact that he never came out publicly about it. The muthafucka had a huge dick on him though. I would love to know what he or “she” is up to these days. If the rumor is true, I hope that she is living her best life and living her truth. If anybody can confirm this or knows him personally, please respond in the basement.


PS. Thanks to Twill, I was able to get some more info on Kris. A special shout out to JaVonni Brustow and the folks over at PopGLITZ for the tea. You can click here to get the full scoop on what’s been going on with Kriz XXL!!

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