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Hi Luckey, hope you’re enjoying your day. 

So I’ve become a promiscuous being within the last few months and it’s been fun, I’m practically on Grindr everyday meeting guys at cruising places etc. I’ve just been trying to enjoy myself before I find someone and settle down. For the most part, I’ve been taking care of myself, I do need to get tested to make sure I’m good, but I’m a paranoid type of person. Every cough, sneeze, ache I think I’ve caught something. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. I’ve been thinking about taking Prep because I know it’s the responsible thing to do, but I get nervous about the possibility of later on down the line a study will come out showing some alarming effects of taking the medication like other drugs i.e. opioids. We all know what that has to lead to. What I wanted to ask is have you heard anything negative about Prep, do you think it’s a good idea, should I just stay away from these places/sites and find a FWB. What do you think and what are your thoughts about Prep. Not asking anything personal about you. I’m not nosey….lol. 

Thank you in advance, 

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the submission. I am enjoying my day although it’s rainy here in Atlanta. Just enjoy my day with my kids.

I must say I can relate to your current situation.

There was a time in my life in which I would meet guys online and hookup. I have become very spiritual and deep into Astrology lately. I carry a lot of Scorpionic energy. After a few health scares and an STD, I decided to be celibate and have not had sex with anyone for almost two years. I still get tested regularly though just to be sure. This is my method of safe sex. The main reason I decided to be celibate is that I strongly believe that when you are having sex with someone, you are creating a soul tie with that person. You are taking in their energy. Basically, you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with. STD aka Sexual Transmitted Diseases should be the least of your worries. STD aka Sexual Transmitted Demons is the real deal. Sex is POWERFUL. It creates life….

By nature, I am VERY sexual but because I took the time to get to know thyself, I have learned that I have to be careful with who I have sex with. I don’t need condoms or a pill to protect myself but that’s just me. I need to fix that emotion need in a healthy way.

I advise anyone using Jackd/Grindr/A4A for hookups, to be very cautious. People are being robbed, raped and sometimes killed and it does happen often as you think. I post stories all the time on the blog. Just be careful and limit your partners if you need to.

I have heard stuff about PrEP and honestly, at the end of the day, there are people who need to be on it because it may help them. I am not a big fan of it because I feel like it’s just another drug and it does not cure or prevent STDs. Sex workers and sexually active people might benefit from it though.


Did you know that regularly enemas can lead to higher risk of STDs and HIV infections and cancer?!

I am only telling you all of this because you asked for my opinion but I am sure you going to do what you want to do. I just want you to take all of that into consideration.

Do your research and see if PrEP is for you. Let me know how everything goes.


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