Ask Luckey: Ricky Martinez

Hey Luckey!

Hope all is well. Do you know what happened to Ricky Martinez? I thought he was sexy and I used to love to watch him “self-suck”. He loved sucking his own dick, and who can blame him, he was big and uncut. 🙂
Keep the info coming.
Take Care!


Dear ME623,

Ricky Martinez was the first person I have ever seen suck his own dick. I thought he was a freak for the longest time….LOL! I couldn’t believe any man could suck his own dick without breaking something. It helped that he had a huge dick.

Born, Oct 1, 1978, this Libra man also went by the name Mr. Anaconda and Mr. 12×9 and was born in the Dominican Republic. Although he appeared in many gay porn films, he considered himself straight. He was discovered by Big City, who specialized in promoting some of the most successful black and latino talents at that time. Initially, he turned the offer down because it was gay-focused but he decided to take on the offer later on his own terms. In 2004, he appeared on Latin Inches and his porn career took off.

He was the 2004 Grabby Award winner for “Hottest cum shot”, the 2005 GayVN Awards winner for “Best solo” in BuckleRoos from Buckshot Productions. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

Martinez did movies, personal appearances and photo shoot from 2004 to 2012.

I don’t know what happen to him but like most models of his time, he probably retired and is living a normal life.


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