Ask Luckey: Advice For Aspiring Adult Entertainers

Dear Luckey,


My question is about working for porn studios, but I don’t want to get you in trouble. So I’m going to put it to you two ways and let you decide how to handle it:

1) Knowing what you know about the adult industry, if you were going to be a porn model, what studio would you want to work for and why? And would your choice change if you were topping vs. bottoming?

2) If you don’t feel comfortable answering THAT, maybe you could put it to your readers and ask them what studio THEY’D want to work with and why – and ask them if they’re tops or bottoms.



Dear PDQ,

Thanks for the submission. Just so you know, I could never get into trouble for speaking my mind and give advice. This is MY platform but I always welcome opinions and constructive input on this blog. As you know, producers and models alike do lurk on this blog too and even though some of them don’t care for me or the blog, they still come on this site every day just to see what I am up to. I don’t believe in having fans. There are people who favor me and support what I do. There are people who are just here to see me fail. It’s life.

With that said let’s get into this letter…

I have told this story before many times but I almost could have been Coco Boy model way back in the day but I did a photoshoot, got my money and bounced. I didn’t think it was for me to do porn, the only reason why I did the photoshoot so that I could fix my car at the time. I was very young and naive hence why I understand the younger models today. Today if I ever thought about putting myself out there as an adult entertainer, it would be on my own terms. I would shoot my own films and hire my own models. I think I have a bit of advantage because I have a platform an a bit of a following. I wouldn’t want to work for anybody else.

My advice to anyone who may want to get into the adult industry is for them to think long and hard before they do it. Understand that once that first scene goes live, it will be there on the internet even when you are dead and gone. Understand that it is a possibility that your friends, employers co-workers, family members and potential lovers will find out about your porn career so be prepared to take on all of that. Don’t be blinded by the glitter and gold. Don’t do it because your rent is due and you have to make payment on a car. Do your research on studios that you may want to work with. Get tested and take the necessary precaution to stay healthy whether you are negative or positive. Understand that this industry is BUSINESS and you should treat it as such. Nobody is your friend in this business. Keep in mind, when starting out, you don’t get to pick your scene partners and you don’t have rights nor control over your image or how you are portrayed in scenes. LEARN HOW TO READ A CONTRACT AND IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING DON’T SIGN UNTIL YOU DO.

I am not sure what the standard rate is for models top or bottom but from what I know, starting out you are not going to make much money. Sure a couple thousand of dollars for a few scenes may seem enticing but overall you not making nearly as much money as you should. You don’t get residuals or revenue unless you are running your own site.

Keep it professional on social media at all times. This a JOB at the end of the day. People don’t care about your personal life, relationship woes or what you ate last night. Keep your beef on the plate meaning if you are going through some drama with another model or studio, keep it behind close doors because other producers are watching you and will not book you if they feel like you will be a problem.

Today, adult entertainers are pretty much doing their own thing with fan pages and websites and a lot of them are being discovered on social media now. If you REALLLY want to get into the industry, build your own following first and set a price.

Above all of that, keep a THICK skin because there is going to be times when you might get tested. Even the greats get read from time to time and some of them can’t handle it. This porn business is NOT for everyone. Also understand that the phone may stop ringing after a while. Today, you are only as good (and exclusive) as your last scene hence why you should have your own shxt going on when that happens.

I hope that helps.


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