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Dear Luckey,


I wanted to ask you about Robert Axel!! He is one of my favorite adult film performers along with XL, Mustang and Kash Dinero! I know that Robert Axel performs in gay, bisexual and trans porn! I’ve always thought that he was so handsome and has a gentleman persona that I really think is Sexy!! Do you know what he’s been up to lately?! Does he have any presence on social media? What do you think about Robert Axel?! Any information on him will be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks and stay blessed,



Dear TJ,

Thanks for the love. I am a HUGE Robert Axel fan myself. He is one of the few models that can do no wrong in my book. This man has probably done everything there is to do in porn. When you look up sexually fluid in the dictionary, you are going to see his picture right next to it. Gay, straight, bi, trans, black, white, threesome, orgies, bareback,pegging, young, OLD…he has done it ALL!! He has worked with just about every other studio as well including Taggaz & DawgpoundUSA.

Some people in the industry may call him an opportunist because he didn’t sit pretty and wait for his next scene with one particular studio. He worked with them all and even did some amateur stuff too. What I love about him, he is not just a gay porn star or gay4pay, he is one of the last breeds of a porn star in general.

Some info on him. Robert Axel is about 36 years old. He is about 6’2 with a 7.5 inch dick. He has been active in porn since 2009. He has gone by many alias aka Robert Christian, Robert Miner, Michael Vineland, and Pittbul (Taggaz). He considers himself to be bisexual in his real life.

I believe Robert Axel had an official Twitter account but it was since suspended. I believe this twitter profile is actually him although he has not updated it since February.

It’s a shame that he is not as big as some of these newer models but mainly because studios aren’t marketing their models like they did back in the day and he is not on social media like that.

Anyway I hope I was able to give some snippets about him.

Don’t be a stranger..


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