Rock Rockafella Debuts Shocking New Look..

Well it might not be all that new (about a couple of months now..) and not too shocking…

Somebody kept sending me a video of some random dude with blonde hair dancing and swinging his big ol’ dick. At first I dismissed the video but after I looked closely, I notice it was actually Rock Rockafella (I know that swollen dick from anywhere…)

We haven’t seen or heard much from him in a while and believe it or not, I am a fan of Rock for years now. For years, he rocked a short cut or cornrows so it’s nice to see him switch it up for a change. I am sure he will have critics but what good is a new bold look if nobody isn’t talking about it.

Yea got the hair and goatee done. Thanks @bamthesavage

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1 thought on “Rock Rockafella Debuts Shocking New Look..

  1. I too have loved me some Rock! The way he eats the cakes, OMG! I just wanna be an all you eat buffet. Don’t get me started on his swollen dick and that fat juicy ass. I did see him get his cakes eaten on film, but that’s all. Rock is a cutie, but I’m not really feeling the blonde hair tho. That’s just me. I’m not knocking anyone who likes it. To each his own. FYI, his blonde hair won’t stop me from giving him some tho. HE CAN GET IT!

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