Ask Luckey: Hank Hightower

Dear Luckey,

Okay, I’ve got a name for you that’ll require some digging probably. Whatever happened to Hank Hightower? He did porn in the 90’s and early 2000’s. After he got out of porn, he lived in Long Beach with his boyfriend and he tended bar at the Sweetwater Saloon in Long Beach. But I haven’t seen him around since very early 2000’s. I like ’em furry and he fitted that bill perfectly. Leather/bear type and versatile. I think he had some Cuban in his background (?)


Dear PDQ,

You got me on this one. I have never heard of Hank Hightower. I guess he was before my time. I like em thick and furry so this sexy Libra is worth diggin’ into.

First off, he was born in 1966 so he is about 51 years old. He started shooting film in 1993 in his late 20s. He retired from porn in the mid 00s. It was said at one point in his porn career, he dealt with drug addictions. As you said he did work as a bartender in Long Beach called Sweetwater. It was said that his look was not exactly in during his time in porn but he stood out and was definitely one of the hottest versatile performers in the industry. They say his voice didn’t exactly match his appearance but worked for him. Hank Hightower moved into harder S&M videos under the name “Hank Tower” when Donnie Russo started his own studio. The videos were shorter, low-budget productions for sale on Donnie’s now-defunct site.

After retirement, it was rumored that he went into the medical field.

I couldn’t find much else on him. It hard finding the dirt on models from the 90s. Hopefully, he is still with us and well… Also I don’t know anything about him being Cuban but he definitely could be..

Here is a pic of him from 2011.


Hope I gave you a mouthful…





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