Let’s This Be A Cautionary Tale..

I wrestle with the idea of (re)posting this video but I felt like it may be a cautionary tale for some.

I am warning you right now that the following clip may potentially be disturbing..

No official word on what is exactly going on in the video but if I was a detective, I would suggest that this may be some time of prostitution session gone wrong and the boys were robbing him while he was having a seizure. The man seems to be having a reaction to possible drugs (drug overdose). One of the guys is naked while the other’s underwear is wet around the anal area which suggests there was some type of sexual activity involved beforehand.

They didn’t seem to want to alert the authorities which tells me that this could have been a drug/freak session gone wrong or they set this John up with a bad stash. Either way, the shxt is disturbing…

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