Ask Luckey: Young Buck

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Dear Luckey,

What’s your opinion about Young Buck from DawgPound USA? He’s one of my person favorites, but I think he’s kinda underrated. What do you think?

Mr. Macintosh


Dear Mister Macintosh,

I have to agree with you with saying that Young Buck is extremely underrated. Having worked with some of the best in the business and being one of the best versatile performers in the business, I don’t think he gets the recognition that he deserves. He was among that scandal with DawgpoundUSA and Yusaf Mack (Philly). As a matter of fact, Young Buck is probably one of DawgpoundUSA most loyal performers because I don’t think he has worked with other studios. I would love to interview him one day and pick his brain. He reminds of the boy next door in the hood that you smoke with but secretly wants to smash.

Ugh now you got me in my feelings..


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