Chasing: Atlanta Season 2 Premieres April 4th

Show: public | Viewers: 855

Show: private | Viewers: 408

Show: public | Viewers: 492

Show: public | Viewers: 312

Show: public | Viewers: 269

Show: public | Viewers: 287

Chasing: Atlanta premieres April 4th at 7PM! Don’t miss the premiere on this channel. Featuring your favorites, Jaylon Aaron, Cameron Sweatt, Devon Fraizer, Skye Valentine, Lyrik London and Akeem Gionnie.

Season 2 Cast featuring Erick Taylor, Guardini Bellefour, Montel Johnson, Q Harris.

Chasing Atlanta — An entertaining yet informative, authentic approach to capturing the hidden individual and collective struggles of incredibly diverse personalities; young LGBT men-of-color in Atlanta, GA.

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