Ask Luckey: Chase Coxxx aka Juicy Gigolo

Hi Luckey,

One Porn Star from the past who I would like to get an Update on is Chase Coxx. He was a pretty good top in his films but came off at times as being arrogant and cocky in some of his Interviews. Do you have any info as to what he is doing today?



Dear Anthony,

I loooved me some Chase Coxxx!! Lawd’s know I do love me some Juicy Gigolo.

Chase was known for speaking his mind and he did not mince his words. He was always getting into beefs with other performers that heffa would REEEAD the eyes out of them hoes. He was not always well received (hell he blocked me once) but he was definitely appreciated. Who else do you know can dutty wine in a bootyhole with some painted nails and a conk?

Although many people labeled him as a top, my favorite scene from Chase Coxxx was this scene here. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of his versatile side. I miss his site too. Unfortunately, it’s no longer up on the net. I believe Chase Coxxx is moonlighting as a blogger now. His content consists of mostly political and “shxt we need to know about”. It definitely got my attention so I will be subscribing.


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