Ask Luckey: What’s Going On With Breed It Raw’s Updates?

Dear Luckey,

It seems like Breed It Raw has slowed down on posting updates. It’s been 2 weeks and nothing. In the past, it seemed like they were coming up with at least once a week and sometimes two updates. Have you heard anything? Should I cancel my subscription and just stick with TimTales?


Dear PDQ,

Usually, Breed It Raw update their site at least once every two weeks and as you stated they haven’t updated the site since Mr. Buck’s scene. BIR has had issues with their site in the past that prevented them from updating on schedule and usually, they will post something on social media addressing the issue. I know they have their new site Raw City Twinks so maybe they are busy with that. Honestly, I am not the one you should be asking. You probably need to hit up Breed It Raw on social media and ask them what’s going on. I would wait another week and see if they will update though.

I know Michael’s Black Boy Addictionz has been going through its own issues which really sucks because I feel like between the two of them they seem to post consistently and their shxt has been hot lately. Sometimes shxt happens and when it rains it pours..

Give them time to update this week and contact them in the meantime. I am sure Que reads my blog so he might post something on social media to address the issue.


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