Ask Luckey: Rodney St. Cloud

Hi Luckey,

Although my thing is Gay Porn, I am also very much turned on by straight porn. I don’t watch for the women but I love watching the Dudes. It just seems to be that the Black dudes who do straight porn are so much hotter than the ones who do gay porn.One of my favorites is Rodney St. Cloud.He is Big and Burly plus he has a really nice dick and ass. I was told by some people who claim to know him that he also messes around with dudes. Have you ever heard anything like this about him?


Dear Anthony,

I have been a fan of Rodney St Cloud for years. He is probably one of the most sexiest Haitians I have seen in porn.

li se youn muthafucka manman bourik sexy!!

He has also been in this business for a while and I know he is also a bodybuilder. Although he is aware of his gay supporters and appreciates them I have never heard of him being bisexual or messing with guys. I think you should ask your friends for more info considering that they know him personally.


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