Ask Luckey: Kevin Blaise

Hey Luckey,

Do you know what happened to the beautiful Kevin Blaise? He appeared in a few videos last year (usually bottoming for white guys) – the nigga body was fine as hell and that ass…

Anyway, I haven’t seen any new videos from him for a while – where did he go? Would love to see him taking some black meat soon


Dear Alex,

Kevin Blaise is definitely a beauty. He has that rare sensuality in him that you don’t see often in porn. His cumshots are legendary too! The only other performer I can think of off the top of my head who can cum like that is Hoody LaVaye.

I don’t know what is going on with him. As you know, actors work for different reasons and circumstances. Some take breaks here and there. Some are just not getting work. Others have moved on to other endeavors. I don’t know which one Kevin Blaise falls into but hopefully, he will come back soon.


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