Ask Luckey: Pony Zion

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Hey Luckey,

I was wondering if you had any current info on Pony Zion? Is he still based out of NY? I remember some videos of him surfacing a few years ago but I can’t remember what big tumblr blog leaked them.

Thanks in advance!



Dear Kevin,

Thanks for the submission. Yes, I remember those videos (Google is your friend) and they was fiyah! That boy got a python in those pants.

Anyway, let me get out of my dirty mind and answer your question.

I do follow him on IG and he posts mostly selfies and inspirational quotes. I am not for certain if he is based out of NY.

He still dancing tho…

I am not a huge fan of the ballroom scene today but Pony Zion is legendary to me. He seems to come alive when he vogues. Glad to see he is still kickin’ ass out there in those streets.


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