Ask Luckey: Taggaz Models….

Hello Luckey,
I was looking at some old Taggaz videos the other day and I really miss that site. I liked some of their models and one such model was Homemade. Do you know why their models haven’t caught on with any of the other sites?


Dear Anthony,

I miss Taggaz as well. I am not sure if I understood what you were trying to ask me. I am assuming you are asking me why Taggaz models didn’t crossover to other sites. As you know Taggaz was one of the oldest porn studios in the business before they went under. A lot of their models did crossover to other sites but many of them kinda faded out. Just like any other studios, some of Taggaz models were loyal to them for various reasons mostly because Taggaz was one of the only condom based studios that didn’t require them to do bareback at the time and they probably felt comfortable working exclusively for Taggaz. Taggaz is definitely missed though but we gotta move on. Who knows they just might make a comeback….keep hope alive..LOL


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