Dear Luckey: DickDrainerXXX Responds..

Hi Luckey,

I wanted to write to you directly in order to clarify some information pertaining to some recent Twitter/blog posts you have made.

First, I would like to apologize on your blog being suspended. Being that we are also a small organization, we are very cognizant of how important traffic, visibility, etc are. Shutting you down was certainly not our intent.

As you know, has a lot of gay fans, something we embrace. We received several notifications from a member of your site that you were using our copyrighted material (photos and videos) in a manner not approved or authorized by our brand. Piracy is a BIG problem for us (its the main reason we dont have a members area) so we work with a few people in order to protect our content.

Our usual method in requesting a takedown of material is to have our agents deal directly with the hosting provider, as it is more reliable. That’s why the emails were sent to your provider and not you.

Let me make one thing clear. The only thing we directed be sent to you were DMCA Notices for posts using our pictures and videos. We are not targeting you. We do not want to shut you down. Ive been getting called gay since the site debuted, so it doesnt bother me. I pride myself on having virtually no drama in the adult industry (which is very difficult). But we do want to control OUR content the best way we can.

I would hope there would be no future issues in terms of content usage, but if so, I’ll definitely handle them myself in order to not put your work at risk.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to me.

Branden Richards
brX Productions


I got permission from Mr. Richards to post the following letter that was sent to me in respond to my claims on the blog and social media. Now that I have had time to sit and think, I am able to understand the situation and take responsibility for my part in this mess. My site was taking down because I didn’t comply with the terms of my host and they did what they had to do. I still think someone out there is out to get me for what ever reason but Mr. Richards and I have since talked about it behind the scenes and all is good. I invited him to come on the blog and be interviewed in which he claims he will be open to it eventually. We will see..

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