Where Are They Now Update: Dream Is Married With Kids In Jamaica?

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So I post random videos from time to time on my Twitter (you should follow it if you haven’t already) and Dream’s clip came across my timeline.

As you know Dream was probably one of the best porn performers of his era but he was deported back to his native land Grenada and that was the last time we heard of him.

Well somebody said he is now married with a child in Jamaica and claims he has a Facebook.

Due to the fact that he does a family, I might not post the Facebook link out of respect for him and his family but it’s nice to know that he is doing well.

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  1. I loved Dream! He was soooo sexy and he could put it down. 1 of my favs is with Shorty J. Shorty ate the fuck out of Dreams ass and it was soooo hot to see Dream on his back with his legs spread and moan in pleasure. WHEW!

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