Ask Luckey: Are People Really Checkin’ For Straight Men Getting Rimmed?!

Dear Luckey,

Sorry for dishing out these long question/rants all the time. Every time I send you a question I feel like I’m sitting in Santa’s lap. So this question/rant is in relation to Dickdrainers. I saw that post and was thinking. I think the guy has a nice ass and all but what do you think about this type of porn? I did some research and discovered another site called Girls rimming. A site dedicated to women rimming men. After watching a vid and scratching my head. I decided to ask my straight cousin a question. “Would you let a woman lick your ass?” He said Hell no. And I asked him why not & he said cuz that bitch is nasty and women shouldn’t be doing certain things. Of course I gave him the side eye and then I asked a girl, well I asked her in a sly way and she seemed to be repulsed by it. Now I know folks will say stuff in public but when the door closes, skid marks all on they face and stuff so I just kinda shifted back to the online world. I took notes off of TWILLs ever informative posts and decided to find out about Carlos Ramirez. Amazingly I found pics and all that. Didn’t even know it was him or that he was verse and I was just like ummmm. So this is the guy that was moaning like he was in labor. Why does he wear a mask now though? So I added his Dickdrainers on Twitter and checked his likes and what not and he mostly just likes white womens pics. Even saw one where he said this white girl had ass and I just had to put on some glasses and try harder to find it..I still couldn’t see it, not even in 4k. 😥 Do you think this would work well for ethnic men. GuysRimming? I mean stuff dedicated to guys rimming like this (Black and Latino men)in all these positions and stuff or is Dickdrainers to niche. From reading some of your posts, you seem to have connections with and friends and porn so you would know what’s cool and not. I notice that Dickdrainers had a sista or two on there but it’s mostly just white women and what not. This also makes me scratch my head. This wouldn’t be popular with black women, but if this was gay would this be popular with gay black men? Sorry for the long post,


Dear Jay,

Thanks for the LOOOONG rant….LOL. I think people gay or straight take porn too seriously. There is room for everything including men getting rimmed. I can only give my personal opinion on the subject based on my own experience. Most “straight” men of color won’t admit that they like their asses played with and those that do (such as Singer Tank), they are often ridiculed or thought of as “gay”.

Women won’t admit to it because they don’t want to be labeled as “nasty”.

Chicks been lickin’ asses since porn has been around. I remember watching porn in the late 90s/early 00s and everybody from Brian Pumper to Lexington Steele was gettin’ that salad tossed in their scenes. Now we have sites that cater specifically to people who are into that sort of thing so yes there is a market for that. Only issue I ever had with rim videos featuring women (and some men) is that I can’t stand when they can’t do it right. It annoys the fuck out of me…LOL!


PS you can sit on Daddy Santa’s lap as long as you want…

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